Michelle Cavaleri was born on February 28, 1996 in Toronto, Ontario. Cavaleri took to music at a young age, commonly singing before she could learn to properly talk. She quickly picked up the ability to play piano as well as guitar before she turned twelve. At only the early age of thirteen, Cavaleri started writing and performing publically at different local venues around Toronto. Before long, other local artists took notice of her remarkable ability to create as well as perform music. At the age of fourteen, Cavaleri collaborated with Hua Change Lee, a songwriter from Sony/ ATV & EMI publishing Taiwan. Lee became an early mentor for Cavaleri, as the pair would go on to co-write several songs together. More importantly however, he initiated a fundamental shift in the proficiently of Cavaleri’s song-writing by educating her on how to produce her own music. Equipped with this skill, Cavaleri’s collaborative projects completely surged. In 2010, she became the lead singer of the band Crash! Radio, producing various songs and writing new ones. Cavaleri recorded two songs with Justin Koop, a producer at B Town Sound Recording Studios.

Cavaleri's work is not limited to collaborative production but rather a multiplicity of explorative paths Cavaleri takes to better her abilities. In 2013, Michelle appeared on YTV’s SuperGroup. While on the show, she worked with choreographer and back up dancer, Nico Archambault, established vocal coach Sara Morrison, Juno nominee Cory Lee, dancer Jordan Francis of Disney’s Camp Rock and Grammy-award winning producer Daman Sharpe. In 2014, Cavaleri ventured to Nashville, Tennessee to record two singles with producer Michael Lattanzi at Lattitude Studio South. While recording, Cavaleri worked along side rhythm guitarist of Aerosmith, Brad Whitford, Genesis drummer Nier Zidkyahu and Reba Macintire drummer, Tommy Harden. Cavaleri’s musical career is one of constant collaboration as she tirelessly pushes the boundaries of her abilities, endlessly seeking out new formative opportunities to continually reinvent herself to become a better artist.

Her expansive experience and work repertoire are a testament to her unique abilities. Cavaleri, now twenty, has two professionally produced singles released on all major online music stores. She has participated at countless events including Indie Week Canada, Youth Day Toronto, and the Sound of Music Festival. Additionally, Cavaleri has performed at numerous venues including the Mod Club, The Hard Rock Café, Dundas Square, The Smiling Buddha, as well as having a TV appearance on Rogers Daytime Television of York Region. Cavaleri is no stranger to the YouTube community, having gained over 2 Million total views on her YouTube channel.

Despite Cavaleri’s music being categorized as pop rock, she is currently perusing a Fine Arts Degree at York University and is specializing in Jazz performance. In conjunction to this, Cavaleri is proficiently trained in Classical voice and piano. Catchy, heartfelt and radio-friendly, Cavaleri’s music is infused with other influences, not only with Jazz and Classical elements but also Rock and Funk. Cavaleri is currently working closely with producer and film composer Igor Vrabac and film composer Ken Worth of Akashic Rekords to record an EP set to be released this June. 

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